Online Programs in South Africa: Short Course Adobe After Effects CC

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Bring life to your projects with online programs in Adobe After effects in South Africa.

If you are thinking of learning to design digitally, Adobe programs are the best option you can choose. Among all the Adobe proposals, there is a great package of programs to edit audios, videos, images, design flyers, magazines, brochures and everything you can imagine. In addition, those who know more about design know how to use these programs and recommend them for those who want to learn.

Adobe Systems Incorporated is a software corporation known for their edition programs about web pages, video, digital image, audio, effects, etc. Nowadays, the applications are integrated in an Adobe Creative Cloud. One of the most famous programs is Adobe Flash Player to ejecute multimedia content. 

In this article you will see the online programs in Adobe After Effects to do in South Africa. What can you do with this short course? You will learn about the effects that you can give to your projects in a professional way

What is Adobe After Effects?

It is an application that has the form of a studio intended for the creation or application in a composition, as well as the realization of professional motion graphics and special effects, which from its roots have basically consisted of the superposition of layers. Adobe After Effects is one of the most powerful timeline-based software on the market.

Animation in After Effects is generated by moving or transforming working layers. The program allows you to modify the properties of the layers to edit their position, rotation, scale, opacity and many other options. Using a system of keyframes to make the change and in turn a system of curves that allows working on the smoothness of this movement.

Marvel Productions or series like The Walking Dead used this programs to do the perfect final finish, in which, through a computer, a large part of the scenarios were generated and the characters were brought to life.

If you want to create your own visual production and create special effects and animations, learn use the Adobe After Effects CC and make your ideas come true from your home. 

Study online programs in South Africa! Do the Short Course Adobe After Effects CC in AAA School of Advertising. Complete the form to receive more information about it.

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