Distance Learning: Five Tips to Make the Best out of it

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

One of the most altered aspects of our daily lives has been the way we learn. Attending universities in person has become almost part of the past, and new alternatives like distance learning through online universities have risen up to fill that void. However, there is always room for improvement. 

Many people find it difficult to adapt to this new learning dynamic, and most of the time they struggle trying to transform “real-life” activities into their online counterparts. So, if you are having problems adapting to distance learning, the following suggestions will be useful. 

1. Use a calendar

That’s right, calendars, post-it notes, a piece of paper. All of these items will do the job just fine. If you are struggling to keep up with your schedule, and you are starting to forget how your online programmes are organised, then use your phone’s calendar app and mark there all the important dates of your distance learning experience.

2. Write everything down and share it

One great advantage of online programmes (and distance learning in general) is the possibility of taking notes virtually. Everyone has great calligraphy in text documents, that, combined with the option to share your notes with your classmates will become useful to acquire all the knowledge you need to pass your online programmes. 

3. Expand your creativity 

Presentations are always a key part of learning. People tend to pay more attention to a clear and creative presentation than to more structured ones. So look up tools online to take your presentations to the next level, there are tons of them and most are free, so there is no excuse for giving a boring presentation in a distance learning dynamic. 

4. Storage is a key element

One of the most common issues in distance learning is the lack of storage for all the required materials you need for your online programmes. However, there are many solutions available and all of them can be narrowed down to one word: clouds. There are different cloud services provided by multiple companies, so you should do some research and find what suits you best. Once you have that covered, the lack of storage won’t be a problem anymore. 

5. You can´t do it by yourself

Although everyone should stay home, communicating with your friends and classmates is important not only for academic purposes but to stay healthy. That’s why you should take advantage of every social networking app you can find. Download the entire app store if you need to. Videochat, voice messages, and even online games are your new best social tools. So do your assignments, make the best out of this situation, and stay in touch with your friends, they will always have your back.

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