Most Popular Online Degrees

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Discover which are the most popular online degrees in South Africa and learn everything about them.

Why study Online?

Pursuing a degree through online learning is very beneficial, especially for those students who need the flexibility that online courses allow.

Studying online allows students to choose the time that meets their needs to attend classes and study. The flexibility that online programmes offer allows students to manage their time freely in order to increase their knowledge and muster sought after skills while taking care of their professional and personal responsibilities.

Other benefits of online programmes are accelerated learning and lower costs. Some online programmes offer accelerated learning so they can finish quicker than if they were to attend classes in person. In spite of accelerated learning, online students work as hard as on-campus students. They must work with their advisors and counselors in order to find the best degree plan for them. 

As regards the cost of the programmes, many online degrees come with lower tuition costs than on-campus degrees. The cost of online programmes vary depending on each institution and on the type of degree but, in general, students who choose to study online can save a lot of money because they are cheaper than on-campus degrees. In addition, students don’t have to worry about other expenses such as accommodation or commuting to college because they can study from the comfort of their home.

What are some of the most popular online degrees in South Africa?

  • Business Administration
  • Criminal Justice
  • Psychology
  • Nursing
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Computer Science
  • Accounting
  • Human Services

What makes them so popular?

The previously mentioned degrees happen to be the most popular among online students because of the following reasons:

Business Administration
An online bachelor’s degree in business administration helps students train in the principles of business and management which can be useful in practically every career field. 

Students can learn analytical, managerial, communication and decision-making skills, which are highly sought after by employers and are very important for entrepreneurs as well. 

Criminal Justice
Online criminal justice programmes allow students to engage in a multi-disciplinary degree programme that involves a close examination of law, sociology, psychology, social science and more.

With the rise of cyber-crime, many modern-day criminal justice online programmes will also provide online students with a background in basic computer science or information technology.

An online degree in psychology prepares students to work in many fields from Human Services, Criminal Justice, Marketing, Business and more.

An online nursing degree will teach students skills in many different areas including but not limited to chemistry, anatomy, psychology, biology and even sociology.

An online degree in education prepares students to be administrative leaders in the education system. Online students will learn how to engage and motivate students, assess student achievement and solve classroom problems.

An online engineering programme will provide students with broad knowledge in a field that has some of the highest starting salaries right out of college. 

Online engineering students will study math and science, chemistry, management, computer science and so much more.

Healthcare Administration
An online degree in healthcare administration will provide students with the skills to oversee businesses in the medical field. They will learn how to coordinate care, create schedules, manage finances and work with doctors and medical staff.

Computer Science
Computer science will continue to remain in high demand and an online degree in computer science can give students access to an ever-growing job market with great salary prospects.

Online degree curriculums will include classes about operating systems, data structures and algorithms.

Online programmes in Accounting teach students how to handle the accounting for individuals and/or companies. Companies  need accountants who can analyze data related to finances.

The curriculum of online Accounting programmes will teach students about macro and microeconomics, the fundamentals of accounting, income taxation, internal auditing, ethics, evaluating an organization’s effectiveness, analyzing financial performance and more.

Human Services
Online degrees in human services will teach students how to work in community advocacy, social policy, social work, human services administration, health education and community services. The curriculum will involve policy, theory, ethics, research and management.

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