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Friday, 11 March 2022

We know how relaxing art can be for some people but, have you ever thought about the true power that this form of expression holds for our mental health? In this article, we share all you need to know about the Psychology of Art.

The Psychology of Art

Sigmund Freud, one of the most known neurologists, claims that the theory of art focuses on a central theme of motivation to create. The artist's psyche was what he based his theory on. 

 “…take inter-relations between the impressions of the artist’s life, his chance experiences and his works and from them construct his [mental] constitution and the instinctual impulses at work (...)” - Sigmund Freud

In other words, for Freud art is the expression of emotions and even biological or evolutionary advantages, even the expression of unconscious desires and instincts common among all people.

The relation between Art and Psychology

Most people tend to believe that art is a hobby or a recreational activity and, as a consequence, they don´t think of it as something essential to basic survival needs. Nevertheless, experts contradict these ideas by pointing out how important art is when it comes to health, meaning, and life satisfaction. 

This form of expression has been with human beings since prehistoric times, long before science. Plus, no one has ever discovered a culture without one or more forms of art. 

According to Ellen Winner, Project Zero senior researcher at Harvard University claims that evolutionary psychologists have postulated various ways in which natural selection could explain why we have art. She supports this idea by pointing out that art for itself is a direct product of our bigger brains. Winner says that art is just something we cannot help but do even though we do not need it to survive; life would be entirely different without it, as it is our way of giving sense and understanding ourselves and others.

Giving meaning to everything that surrounds us is one of the reasons why experts state that there is a link between art and psychology.

If you are a strong believer in the power of art and the way it can help with mental health and you are willing to become a professional in this field in order to make others' lives easier, then The Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Psychology is ideal for you!

Why study the Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Psychology?

The importance of Psychology is being recognized in today's society, as many people are trying to control what is going on in their minds with various techniques, one of them being the use of art. 

The Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Psychology aims to provide you with all the education needed to become a professional in this field.

This online bachelor will teach you all about the theory and practice of psychology and counseling, focusing on personal development, family studies, and broader mental health interventions. 

By studying the Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Psychology, you will be prepared for further studies in psychology and foundational social research skills. 

In order to become a specialist, the online bachelor will make sure you learn all about biological and social bases of behavior, cognition and perception, social and developmental psychology, personality, and applied psychology. Also, with this bachelor's, you will study the fundamentals of psychological practice, including the history of psychology, statistical and quantitative methods, and psychological assessment.

Once you graduate from the Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Psychology, you will be able to pursue a diverse range of careers in government and human services organizations, business corporations, and the health sector as well as in media, market research, advertising, public relations, and human resources.

Where to study the Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Psychology?

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