Interior Decorating Trends for 2022

Friday, November 19, 2021

The decoration universe is complex and diverse. Every year a specific decoration becomes popular and everyone wants to use them in their own houses. In this article, we share with you the hot trends for 2022 for interior decorating.

There are plenty TV shows and magazines that present you with the most popular decorations for your house. But here is a little preview of the trends that you may consider incorporating in your home to make it trendy

  • Vintage, Vintage, and more Vintage

The focus on our environment is increasing every day, and this concern will be translated into the interior design world. The advantages of including vintage furniture in your space are not only excellent discoveries but also pieces with unique details that are expensive to re-create.

Shopping vintage is an efficient and sustainable option, and also it adds personality to a space

  • Natural Material

Studio RODA founder Rodrigo Albir believes that in 2022, we will see a focus on natural materials, especially in spaces like living rooms. People will start giving up fast fashion and will replace it with longevity and timelessness.

  • Black Accents

"Black accents and hardware will be a popular home trend we'll see in 2022," - Channa Alvarez, interior designer at Living Spaces. 

It gives out an edgy and minimalistic style to your space. The combination of light colour and dark furniture will end up in beautiful and original contrast. Even the most little detail will make a big difference. 

  • Natural Lighting

Living rooms with access to daylight and views will remain key to apartment living in 2022.
Last year we spent so much time indoors that large windows and high ceilings became a critical necessity because of the abundant daylight, which works as efficiently as stress relievers

  • Textured Fabrics

 "Velvets, sherpa, and boucles are the 'it' fabrics for 2022," - Julia Longchamps, designer

Spending so much time at home, highlighted the importance of having comfy places to sit or lay down. Cozy fabrics not only feel amazing but look chic and luxurious. We'll also see fringe taking a front seat next year on furniture, especially sofas and ottomans.

  • Versatile Spaces

The pandemic changed our homes for good. The kitchen was not only the place to cook your meals but sometimes the space where your children would study. The demand for versatility in the home will continue to exist and will grow. A single space must be able to be transformed and molded for different activities. For example, a dining table or kitchen island can double as a desk.

  • Living Room Bars

Living room bars and drink trolleys will be huge in 2022. This clever use of space provides a real purpose to this adults-only entertaining space.

  • More Houseplants!

Wellness in buildings is becoming increasingly important to the developer and the inhabitant. Indoor plants have a calming effect and promote clean air, so you can expect to see more living walls and hanging plants both in amenity spaces and residences.

There are so many more tendencies left but this little preview will help anyone who is interested to re-organize their space, so as to start planning ahead of their work plan.
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