Interior Decorating: A new reality brought by digital tools

Friday, December 10, 2021

With the appearance of the new advanced digital tools, the professionals responsible for interior decorating have experienced an evolution in their work-life. In this article, we will share with you the changes that brought these new tools into the interior decorating world.

Before Covid-19, the world of Interior Decorating was going through a silent digital revolution, which was accelerated with the arrival of the pandemic.  As a result, it suffered from a digital transformation.

The new reality of interior design

Interior decorating is far from an easy task. The professional in charge of it will switch in between ideas until finding the perfect one; the one that makes the perfect look possible or the one that fits the client's expectations the best possible.

This tedious process is simplified with the use of new online tools that allow architects and designers to view and adapt furniture for all interior design projects, with just a few clicks.

An example of this creation is Hello Raye. It is a curated online marketplace that offers 3D-model configuration for tens of thousands of commercial and residential products including furniture, fixtures, and equipment all in one place.

Advantages, advantages, and more advantages

Whether a client is looking for a modern Danish design or elements to achieve a Southwestern farmhouse style, a digital streamlined directory makes it easy for interior designers and architects to make decisions by mixing and matching pieces from across the globe, tailoring the overall experience to their client and changing them when necessary with customizable 3D models. 

In the past, hand-drawn sketches complemented the painstaking process of swapping furniture in and out as the only way to achieve a client’s dream space for their home or business. That is why these digital tools are here to simplify the labor by pulling their favorite piece into a 3D personalized concept board with the option to also upload their own materials and models, both commercial and residential, from elsewhere on the Internet. 

Plus, the integration of Virtual Reality aids 3D visualization of the space. This allows virtual walkthroughs for better space planning, designing, and product selection. On the other hand, Augmented Reality enables better visualization of design even before it is developed. This reduces tedious time-consuming corrections at later stages that affect the delivery of projects. Every minute detail is communicated interactively that optimizes the process of space designing and promotes efficiency.

To summarize, these tools represent pure benefits not only for the designer but also for the client. Both parts are able to save money and time thanks to these new technologies.  

A digital future

The digital tools of the interior decorating world will become increasingly sophisticated in the decade ahead.  They will be able to provide the designers with efficiencies that help them do more designing rather than the operations, communications, tracking, order management, and other stuff that has historically made up 75 percent of their job. A lot of that will be off-boarded to technology-enabled services.

As visualization apps and communication tools continue to improve, designing rooms in the virtual realm with far-flung designers will also become increasingly easy and attractive. The gap between the offline physical world and the online will vanish. Designers will be able to have a new work opportunity: clients from all around the world! 

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The advances made by technology in the field of interior decorating are making this profession wider and more diverse. As a consequence, the combinations, styles, designs are numerous, making it possible for everyone to find their perfect match.

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