Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management at MANCOSA: everything you need to know

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

What is marketing management? What’s its role in a company? Where can you pursue this bachelor’s degree? Here’s everything you need to know.

Let’s start with the answer to “what is marketing management?”

Marketing Management is the process of planning, controlling, and decision making involved in the marketing aspects of a company. But this might be too vague of a definition so let’s reformulate into something more accessible.

Marketing Management is participating in every decision-making process referred to what’s the marketing strategy for a company going to be. Sounds better, right? This involves all the marketing-related stuff you can think about: from studying the company’s market, to develop or improve strategies that aim to position the company in a better spot within that market, to setting accurate and reachable goals and targets.

So, if you decide to pursue this bachelor’s degree through in-person or online learning, that’s what you would be acquiring knowledge about. Of course, it involves learning about economics and competitive strategy, since those are the two most important foundations of a good marketing strategy.

Okay, now, what does a graduate from this bachelor’s degree do in a company?

The thing about management in general is that there are many sides to it, it involves a wide range of activities that are equally important to the overall outcome. 

So, a graduate from this bachelor’s degree can perform several tasks within Marketing Management, such as: developing and maintaining relationships with third parties, setting goals and objectives, market researching, segmenting, etcetera. 

As it’s been established before, all of these tasks are equally important: without proper market research, you won’t be able to do an accurate marketing segmentation, which means you won’t be capable to define your target audiences, which will then lead to setting misleading goals and objectives which are most likely going to fail. 

So the importance of having a deep understanding of marketing in general is really high, and that’s why it's a job not anyone can perform. Getting a bachelor’s degree would mean that you have acquired all the knowledge you need in order to perform the tasks needed to guide the company you work for to a successful marketing positioning.

And that takes us to the final question: where can you study this bachelor’s degree?

Well, the Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA) might be your best choice. This institution offers the possibility to earn this bachelor’s degree through online learning, which is always a plus, and in a minimum period of three years.

Plus, MANCOSA being a management college means that you would be acquiring knowledge from experienced professionals from the field in the context of a management-oriented institution. 

Now, if online learning and a management-oriented college are not enough reasons for you to pick this institution, then you can click here to get more information.

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