How much does a nurse earn in South Africa in 2022?

Tuesday, 10 May 2022

The health sector is complex and every specialist working within it pulls in a different salary. In this article, we provide you with all you need to know about the salary of a nurse in South Africa in 2022.

The health science industry is very complex and is full of different types of professionals whose main objective is to protect people's health. In order to be prepared, many have to complete some higher education related to the health system in order to land a job within the field.  Nursing science students are more than ready to join the industry.

Nursing Science 

Jacqueline Fawcett is an author whose objective is to encourage nursing students to be curious about the knowledge that guides their practice. She is internationally known for her meta-theoretical work, she analyzes and evaluates the nature and structure of knowledge in nursing, and how that knowledge can be used to guide nursing research, nursing practice, and the construction of educational programs and clinical agency administrative structures. The Web Nurse in 2010 named her as one of 20 most influential people in the field of nursing. 

According to this famous woman, nursing science is defined as "a basic science (...) whose goal is to expand knowledge about human experiences through research and creative conceptualization."

In other words, nursing science is a branch of science that blends the bench science, the physical science, and the behavioral sciences. This science takes a multidimensional view of patients and their interactions with nurses in the healthcare system, to be able to design healthcare systems and the delivery of healthcare that promote positive patient outcomes.

Salary of a nurse in 2022

Although there are some external factors one should take into consideration when considering a salary, such as the current national economic situation, there is also some aspect of the professional themselves that will determine how much money they will make. For example, a professional with a degree in higher education is more likely to make more money than a professional without that same degree, when years of experience and other factors are controlled for.

The average base salary of a nurse in South Africa is R 30 000 per month in 2022. 

Now, if we consider experience, the numbers change. In case you are just starting, then most likely your salary will be R 255 000 per year, while if you have more experience, then it raises to R 3 552 998 per year.

Why study a Master of Nursing Science?

When choosing to study a  Master of Nursing Science, you are making sure you will gain all the knowledge required today to stand out from your competitors.

This online master's aim is that you become a future professional who is capable of: 

  • Enable engagement with and critique of current research or practices as well as focused research in the fields of community and professional nursing;
  • Evaluate current processes of knowledge production 
  • Choose an appropriate process of inquiry for the area of study or practice; 
  • Design, select and apply appropriate and creative research methods, techniques, processes, or technologies to research problems in the fields of professional and community nursing; 
  • Use a range of research skills in identifying, conceptualizing, designing, and implementing methods of inquiry to address complex and challenging problems in the fields of professional and community nursing; 
  • Make autonomous ethical decisions that affect research,
  • Critically contribute to the development of ethical standards in the context of community nursing; 
  • Design and implement a strategy for the processing and management of information,
  • Use the resources of academic and professional or occupational discourses to communicate and defend substantial ideas that are the products of research or development in professional and community nursing
  • Use a range of advanced and specialised skills and discourses appropriate to a field, discipline, or practice, to communicate to a range of audiences with different levels of knowledge or expertise; 
  • And much more!

Once you are done studying the Master of Nursing Science, you will become a professional who is prepared to work as a leader and an independent practitioner together with other multi-disciplinary team members within the health care system.

Where to study the Master of Nursing Science?

If you live in South Africa, North West University offers you the opportunity to study the Master of Nursing Science either via classroom-based learning or distance learning with the best professors.

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