Why should you pursue an Online Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Brand Communication?

Monday, November 9, 2020

The notion of “brand” has been getting more and more attention in the last decades, mainly to the general increase of companies all around the world. Taking that into consideration, becoming a professional in this field is a great option.

Yes, online learning is not what we’ve all been looking for when it comes to studying, but, with all its advantages and disadvantages, it still allows us to acquire knowledge in several fields of study. 

One of those fields is Brand Communication. The ever-growing amount of companies has amplified their presence in any way you can imagine. So there have been certain communication patterns that have gained popularity, risen and fallen.

An Online Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic Communication implies you diving deep into the world of brands and their struggle to be identified by their target audience, being easily distinguishable from other companies from their same field, and creating a solid presence within society.

Pursuing this degree through online learning is a challenge but it can also be an improvement since you would be able to see for yourself (rather than on a big screen you can barely see from your seat in some enormous and loud classroom) how companies have increased their virtual presence due to the context we are all living in. 

Plus, distance learning can become a great opportunity to contact experts on the field to participate in lectures (this is a common thing now since they don’t have to go to the campus and they can just sit in their living rooms and give you some tips and advice).

Going back to this online bachelor’s degree: learning how to position a brand, what to do to make it glow in a sea of companies fighting to become the number one option in their areas, is a job that will gain more and more importance with time. Just think about all the re-designed logos you have seen in the past years, all the campaigns referring to social distancing, all the mechanics that make that ad pop on your screen. That is not going anywhere, it’s only going to get more and more specific, more and more fragmented to each audience, and experts on the field are needed. 

So, where can you study this online bachelor’s degree? The Independent Institute of Education is probably your best choice. With a minimum length of 3 years, their Online Bachelor’s degree of Arts in Strategic Brand Communication has a great variety of subjects that cover all the different bases of working with a brand. 

This are only a few of the courses this online bachelor’s degree has to offer: 

  • Critical Thinking and Media Studies 1
  • Principles of Innovation
  • Business Communication and Digital Media 1
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Digital Brand Building

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