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Friday, 04 March 2022

The digital era is here and it isn't going anywhere any time soon. For that reason, it is better that businesses start taking into consideration the E-commerce world and its tendencies. In this article, we share all you need to know about the E-Commerce tendencies for 2022.

E-commerce implies buying and selling goods or services via the Internet and, as a way of payment, transferring money and data to complete the sales. 

E-commerce tendencies for 2022

Last year, E-Commerce had to adjust to a complicated worldwide situation that involved the global shipping crisis and supply chain bottlenecks. But with the arrival of 2022, new challenges come around the block, and it's time for these professionals to step up their game.  

Among all the news that may affect this field this year, there are some tendencies that will decide on the type of work done by the e-commerce workers and outstand the others:

  • New Behaviors from Consumers 

The pandemic had a strong impact on the way people consume. Since last year, we are able to see a decrease in money spent on cars or trips. Instead, consumers are choosing to doing other types of investments, such as on housing. 

E-commerce experts are assuming that, in 2022, online retailers will not lack orders and sales in the area related to housing decoration and electro-domestics. In addition, there are new trend categories like health products. 

  •  Mobile Commerce

Smartphones are part of our daily life and they are becoming the new target of online retailers. 

Contrry to everyone's belief, not all e-commerce websites are optimized for mobile use; which made it become the new goal for 2022. This is because it will not only help to leave the competitors behind but also because it plays a crucial role in preventing website bounces and abandoning purchases. Customer experience via mobile commerce should be a top priority.

  • Social Commerce

This type of commerce that depends on social media is not hot news, but it will surely break all existing records in 2022. 

As 97% of Generation Z uses social media as their #1 source of pre-purchase inspiration, and almost 2 out of 3 Millennials see it the same way;  many online retailers are positively disposed towards social commerce.

  • Sustainable E-Commerce

Every day, consumers are more aware of environmental issues and this factor has become key when thinking of buying anything. 

Green business processes will become even more important in 2022. The characteristics of the products will continue to play a decisive role. 

Other aspects clients will take into deep consideration are sustainable packaging, climate-neutral delivery, and environmentally friendly fulfillment is rapidly increasing as well.

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As we can see, the e-commerce trends 2022 clearly show that there will be many opportunities related to digitalization this year to set apart from the competition and have a successful business year. 

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